Cinta Senese cured meats and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In Tègoni Farm you can find a delicatessen shop of Cinta Senese cold cuts, which come from a semi-wild farming of pigs in the woods and also Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil all directly produced at the farm, nestled in the typical hilly tuscan landscape.

At Tegoni’s Club House you will find a big welcoming and relaxing area, with kitchen, living and dining room together with a huge terrace outside with view on a small lake. This is the perfect place where you can have tastings of Cinta Senese cold cuts and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil or a nice lunch, after a panoramic horseback ride among green tuscan hills.


    Our breeding is semi-wild and the pigs eat what they found in the woods, living a life in nature and among their own kind. In the "Fattoria" (farm) you will find a direct selling point of cinta seneses cured meats or you can buy them online.


    Our organic oil is obtained through cold pressing in order to maintain intact all its characteristics. You can taste our olive oil with a tasting at the Farm.


    Discover all types of cured meats from Cinta Senese pig breed, original from Siena province only. You can buy at our shop directly at the Farm or order by email.

The products of the farm

Salumeria Fattoria Tègoni

On the farm you will find a shop selling our products, cinta senese (a selected breed of pig) cured meat and extra virgin olive oil. It is also possible to buy fresh meat of cinta senese if you order in advance.