The breeding of Cinta Senese

Cinta Senese is an antique breed of Italian pig that gets its name from it’s region of origin, the hills surrounding Siena. It is likely that it has been bred since Roman times. There is a famous fresco by Ambrogio Lorenzetti dated 1338 that is kept in Siena's Town Hall which depicts a cinta senese.

It is a very rustic and resistant breed, which doesn't need particular care. The body is long and the head is elongated. The name "cinta" (belt in English) comes from the peculiarity of this pig of having a pink belt around its chest, whilst the rest of the body remains dark coloured.

Our pigs are bred in 8 hectares of wood so it is a semi-wild breeding in which the pigs eat what they find in the woods and live a natural life.
We integrate their diet with oat, corn and field bean all crushed and grinded in the farm and fed depending on the season and their needs.

We have a delicatessen shop of direct selling on the farm where you can find all our products, cinta senese cured meats and extra virgin organic olive oil. It is also possible to purchase some fresh cinta senese meat if you order it in advance.

We prepare tastings and lunches in the Club House (reservation is required), a very exclusive and relaxing location in the farm where you can enjoy genuine food and nature all around.